Bonus: Is your eCommerce platform EOL approaching? You need a plan!

Together with Phillip Jackson we take the example of Magento 1's End Of Life (EOL), talk about how that's impacting merchants and why you as a merchants (or agency that is serving merchants) - regardless of platform - really need to have a plan when your system is about to get deprecated.

More on Phillip: 
Two weeks ago, on October 21st 2019 it was the night before Magento Live Europe and the Core of Commerce team was at the Preparty too to do some recordings and a livestream. One of the sessions was with Phillip Jackson who does strategy at Something Digital and he is also the co-host of the Future Commerce podcast.

In this clip I have a co-host Sander Mangel who is a Magento Master and CTO at Vue Storefront. We won’t be talking about Vue in this clip, but if you want to know more about that or about Progressive web apps or PWA’s in general, make sure to subscribe to Core of Commerce in your podcast app because I will talk about that with Sander in the episode that goes live next week.

I wanted to share this section of the recording with Phillip because it highlights an issue that many shopowners face: which is upgrading to the next version of your platform. Since this was a Magento event we specifically talk about going from Magento 1 to Magento 2 but it applies just as well for Merchants on for example Shopware 5 that at some point will need to upgrade to Shopware 6 to stay secure and up-to-date.

This clip was recorded at the Pre Magento Live Party with emphasis on party, which means there is quite some background noise but with headphones I think it should be doable to listen to and if that doesn’t work out for you: our next episode will have the normal audio quality and in 3 weeks we will launch an episode specifically on upgrading from Magento 1 to Magento 2 with Georgia Barry.

If you're on Magento 1 and interested in upgrading, you might also want to check out the whitepaper and webinar about this at "Magento 2 Migration — The Ultimate Guide From Industry Experts" .

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