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How eCommerce Companies Should Use LinkedIn For Marketing

Does your eCommerce company know how to use LinkedIn for marketing effectively? Listen to Goldie Chan, the Oprah of LinkedIn and one of the top 5 leaders when it comes to LinkedIn video. Key takeaways include how eCommerce brands can use LinkedIn for branding, why conversion on LinkedIn differs from any other channel, which you should build first - your personal brand or your brand page, how to get employees to engage with company content, and the most common mistakes eCommerce brands make on LinkedIn.

How Personality Testing Can Help Your eCommerce Business

When you run an eCommerce business, understanding your customers and their purchasing behaviour, through user and product research is key. Meet Jon Puleston, a multi-award winning market researcher at Kantar. Key takeaways include the challenge of measuring personality with classical techniques, why your past can indicate your future personality, how commercial companies can use Jon’s paper, how far personality is a predictor for buying behaviour, and the power of social influence on decision making.

The Link Between Good Customer Experience and Good Product Experience

Virginie Blot, PXM (Product Experience Management) Evangelist at Akeneo discusses customer experience and product experience with Guido. Key takeaways: What a PXM evangelist does The importance of a product description Adapt each product experience for each channel you use How Akeneo can help you get to market faster Why PIM is the tool for breaking internal business silos How to turn your products into an experience Share your values with your customers

Migrating Your eCommerce Business From Magento 1 to Magento 2

If you run your eCommerce store on Magento 1 and you haven’t begun to migrate over to Magento 2, listen as Georgia Barry, digital strategy consultant at Vaimo, explains why you need to do it. Key takeaways include: The benefits of migration to your customers, your SEO and your internal teams, how if you stay with Magento 1 then staying secure will cost you, what merchants should consider before migrating, the sexy benefits of Magento 2 compared with Magento 1, and the sexiest feature being the new page builder.

Make All of Your Data Actionable With Russell McAthy

Do you struggle to get enough actionable data from Google Analytics? Then you need to listen to Russell McAthy, CEO and co-founder of Ringside Data. Key takeaways include: Why Russell set up Ringside Data, the companies with the biggest data problem, how Ringside outperforms Google Analytics, if you’re investing in data analytic tools, you need people with specific skill sets, the biggest pain points Ringside is trying to solve, the benefit of Ringside for eCommerce businesses, and what attribution is.

Building Customer Loyalty with Nikhil Naidu

How do you build customer loyalty and reduce customer churn? By implementing a loyalty programme. Nikhil Naidu, lead of product marketing activities for Yotpo loyalty and referral software products, has a vast experience in customer loyalty. Key takeaways: How a loyalty programme can help your brand How to combat customer churn (and what is likely to cause customer churn) The link between user-generated content and loyalty What the market can expect to see in terms of customer loyalty in 2020

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